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ADOPTED-Happy - 5 month old male lab cross

This is Happy, so named because of his fun loving and very playful personality. His playfulness and loving nature is reflective of most pups his age, but it is a testament to his strength of character that he has this love of life when he had such a difficult start.

Happy was born on the streets. His mother had lived in a home but the owners failed to have her spayed and when they found out she was having puppies they threw her onto the street like some unwanted piece of rubbish. And it was here that Happy started his life.

From his birth Happy had a hard life. On the streets there is very little shelter and even less food. His mother will have scavenged for as much to eat as possible, but if she couldn't get enough her milk would not have been nourishing enough .. and at these times Happy would have gone very hungry himself. It is also a very frightening place to grow up. As there is so little food the bigger dogs will attack the more submissive smaller dogs and even the pups so Happy would have seen, and heard a lot of fighting and a lot of the sounds of dogs in pain, and even dying. He would have spent most of his days hiding away and trying to keep out of the way of any conflicts.
And then, Happy also had to deal with loss. When he was just 3 months old his mother disappeared. None of the local people who used to see them together saw the mother again with him. Usually when this happens the mother has either been killed by people who live in the area, killed by a car or van .. or killed by a stronger, bigger dog. We will never know exactly what happened but suddenly Happy found himself alone trying to deal with the fear, hunger and cold.
Shortly afterwards Happy got a lucky break. A wonderful lady who helps rescue dogs heard about him and went to find him. He was a little tricky to find, hiding away from any dangers, but eventually she spotted him and approached him. It was at this point that Happy showed his ability to trust in people as he allowed her to approach and even gave the odd wag of his tail. He was taken into foster by this lady and treated for ticks and worms. Then he had a good feed and a lot of rest in the warmth and safety of her home.
Happy now needs a forever home as soon as possible though, because unfortunately the foster carer cannot keep him any longer due to circumstances beyond her control. Also, by the very nature of 'foster' the time always comes when it is important a dog goes to a forever home where it can settle and flourish for the rest of its life. Happy now needs that special family to come forward and give him a place in their hearts and home.
He is a truly adorable little boy who likes play and cuddles equally and who thrives on the company of humans. He also gets on with other dogs and cats. For every bit of love he is given, he gives it back tenfold. 

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport
Not neutered yet due to age
Ref: Alexandra D

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