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Blakey - ADOPTED - 6 month old Female Alsation Mix - currently in foster in the UK

This lovely girl is Blakey. Blakey is just 6 months old and yet she has already suffered so much in her short life. Blakey was a lovely cute puppy whose mother had a home and a family, but as so often happens the family did not get Blakeys'  mother spayed. When Blakey was born she was tossed aside, abandoned to the streets with no-one caring whether she lived or died. Life on the streets is full of hardship even for the older and stronger of dogs. 

There is very little shelter and even less food. Blakey would have spent her time hungry, thirsty and with very little shelter. It is also a very frightening place to grow up. As there is so little food the bigger dogs will attack the more submissive smaller dogs and even the pups so Blakey would have seen, and heard a lot of fighting and a lot of the sounds of dogs in pain, and even dying. It was while she was on the streets that Blakey was also abused by local people and beaten. We can only imagine the pain and terror that this special girl went through and how lonely and confused she would have been.
At a couple of months old Blakey was put in a public shelter. In this country, for the most part, dogs are safe in shelters. However these public shelters are very different. They are basically 'holding cells' for stray dogs. She would have shared a kennel with many other dogs, most much bigger and stronger than her. They will have had very little food so once again Blakey would have been bullied, along with the other smaller dogs and will have only had the scraps that the bigger dogs left behind. As if this wasn't bad enough she yet again found herself in an environment where she was beaten as is par for the course in these shelters.

Blakeys' luck changed when she was rescued from the shelter and taken into a safe rescue where her wounds were treated and she received the care, food and safety she required to at least start the 'healing process' for all that she had been through. Within a very short time Blakeys health and strength improved and along with this she showed her amazing strength of character by allowing her true personality to shine through. She quickly became a frim favourite at the rescue as despite all the horrific things people had done to her she still showed an incredible love for humans and flourished with a mix of good food, lots of fusses and cuddles and most of all a lot of play !!

A couple of months ago Blakey was brought to the UK and is currently in foster in Staffordshire. She shares a house with a couple of other dogs who she loves to play with and snuggle up to. She also adores her foster family and she has never shown even an ounce of aggression .. in fact the only risk a new family would have from her is being licked to death !!!  Blakey is a very energetic dog and a typical puppy in her behaviour.
She hasn't been left completely unscarred by her previous life. Very occasionally she has lapses of concentration and will just sit quietly for a couple of minutes. This is due to the trauma she sustained when beaten around the head. It poses no risk to her and is barely noticeable and the vet is confident it is something she will grow out of.

Blakey has so much love to give and will be a loyal companion. She now needs a special family to give her that forever home where she can continue to flourish and show her true potential. The love she receives from her new family will be returned tenfold as her only wish in life is to love, and be loved.

fully vaccinted to legal required for travel
EU passport.

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