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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

ADOPTED -ANIA - 4 month old female shepherd cross needing a forever home.

Ania abandoned on the streets of Romania when just 6 weeks old. No chance of survival as she was far to young to fend for herself, she would not have been able to fight of older, bigger dogs in the search for food. she stood no chance of defending herself against cruel humans that think nothing of beating dogs to death or beating them just for the fun of it. Then there was the busy traffic, she would have with out a doubt been killed at some point on the busy roads.

Ania was in foster care for a while but is now in an adoption center being care for. She is a very friendly sociable girl. Adores human company, gets along with children and other dogs and is a bundle of joy to be around.

Ania will sit and snuggle into you as you can see from the photograph, she just now needs that forever home, where she can snuggle into every family member and maybe claim the sofa now and then. Ania is full of affection and will fit in well in to a family home. Please give her that chance and give Ania the home she deserves.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport

REF: Alexandra Ionescu

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