Thursday, 27 June 2013


Saturday, 22 June 2013

ADOPTED- ZEN black Shepherd cross 1 year old male needing a forever home.

Zen one of many turfed out on to the street because their owner either can not be bothered to look after them any more, or want a new dog or even because they are moving house. In Zens case it was because the owner did not want his money having Zen vaccinated, so he was put out on the streets or Croatia.

Left to fend for himself, scavaging for food, left to the dangers of the streets, traffic, being beaten or even killed just for the hell of it. He was so skinny and riddled with parasites when he was found, he may not have survived much longer if he had not been found. Thank fully he is now safe and being looked after.

As you can see from the photo Zen is a big softy he just wants a special home and to be loved, and not life in a shelter. He waits every day for the girls to come and give him his daily cuddles and hangs on to their arms, he does not want them to leave. He desperately needs a loving home, where he can share the love he has to give and be part of a family, he is only a year old so still young enough to learn new things and to be trained. Help him get out of the shelter and into a better life, a life he deserves, a warm bed, secure home and lots of love.

Vanccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport.


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