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Friday, 24 May 2013

ADOPTED in GERMANY-LAZAR :CG 2 to 3 year old mixed breed male needing a forever home.

This is Lazar found fending for himself on the edge of a forest in Romania. Some kind person had been feeding him for about ten days, the poor thing could not stand up, it appears he had been hit by a car.

Lazar was lucky enough to be taken into some ones home. He could hardly walk after being hit by a car, and was in great danger where he was, living at the edge of the forest by a main road, he would have most certainly died.

After lots of love and attention and visits to the vets, Lazar is now wobbling his way back to good health. His back legs were badly injured and he is still a little unsteady on them and does not walk in the normal way a dog should, but he is getting there.

Look at him now !! what ahandsome young man he is becoming.

Lazar is getting fitter every day and so far as steady as he is going to be after his accident.

He will always be a little nervous because he can not co ordinate his back legs properly and will feel vulnerable because of his injuries.

He has a good appetite on him, loves his fusses and cuddles. he gets on very well with people and loves to be out on his leash.

His chances of finding a home in Romania are very slim indeed, he needs a family who will accept him the way he is,his funny little walk and his slight nervousness.

He is a lovely sweet boy that deserves a family that will look past his injuries and love him just the way he is.

Lazar is always wagging his tail and is a happy healthy little boy and getting stronger every day.

Please give him the chance of the home he deserves and not a life on the harsh streets of Romania where is chances of survival would be virtually nil.

He is vaccinated,
EU passport.


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