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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

ADOPTED- Tina - Beautiful 1.5 yr Female Wired haired Fox Terrier Cross - In desperate need to find a place to call her own.

This beautiful young lady was saved by one the rescuers within our network. Through no fault of her own, she was simply abandoned onto the streets like thousands of others purely because the families are bored of them, want a puppy or because they are moving somewhere else. 

This is a common thing to happen as Tina was born in Romania. A country that views strays as vermin, to abuse and  barbarically kill as they wish.

This incredible young dog is extremely sociable, getting along very well with other dogs ( pref males) and humans alike. Whilst in foster, in the UK,  she has shown no aggression towards cats and small animals, though obviously this also depends on the small animals she has met....It is not always the case a dog will attack a cat, we know some pretty feisty cats that would call all out war even on the most friendliest of dogs! She is full of energy and will need lots of excersise and she loves to play, with humans or other dogs. She is a very loving dog aswell who also loves her cuddles and fusses.

Tina is/has had
Fully vaccinated (including anti rabies)
Has full EU Pet Passport
Regular vet check ups

If you could offer this sweet natured young dog a forever please contact our charity as soon as possible. Foster region Great Yarmouth but all areas considered for adoption.

Carer: AAFA

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