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ADOPTED - MOCHA 3 month old female pup possible terrier mix needing a forever home

Our charity focuses on countries where the animals suffer the worst cases of animal abuse in the EU yet have little support to help them. Just like Mocha rescued from Croatia and now looking for a forever home.

 Left to fend for themselves on the streets, starvation, beatings, hit by traffic, tortured the list could go on forever. Some dogs are caught by the dogcatchers and taken to a hell hole commonly known as a public shelter. The shelters are under funded, understaffed and not very nice places at all, a dog can be in as much danger in these as they can on the streets, fights at meal times, attacks from other dogs as the shelters are so crowded and puppies are the most at risk, from the older bigger dogs. The lucky ones end up in the private shelters where they are looked after far better. There is also a colour issue, yes the colour of a dog or cat even matters, black is deemed to be very unlucky and a lot animals this colour are cruelly beaten to death or tortured to death.

This little bundle of fluff was found in a field hiding with her mum and brother. She is adorable and living in foster with about 20 cats and to older dogs. Left where she was found, his chances of survival would have been very slim indeed.

Mocha is a happy healthy little girl doing what pups do, getting into mischief !

She deserves the chance of a loving home, where she can grow and develope and find out what it is like to be love. She has oodles of love to give in return and being in foster with a load of cats and older dogs she should have no problem being introduced into a family with existing dogs and cats.

With Mocha being so young a family with children should not be an issue though caution is always advised with pups as they tend to nibble and bite when playing, so children over 7 would be better or younger children supervised at all times.

Mocha just wants and needs her own family.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport
To young to be spayed

If you
can offer or are interested in offer this furbaby a home, please CLICK HERE to read our adoption procedure and fill out contact form


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