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ADOPTED - Kompi - 3 month old Malamute Cross abandoned and left to die when only a few weeks of age. Now looking for that very special, experienced owner.

Kompis - is a beautiful  3 month old puppy who is in desperate need of a loving experienced home.

This poor puppy did not have the best start in life when he was found abandoned in the forest at a very young age. He was too young to survive on his own, too young to even be taken from his mother.

But this is Bulgaria , where just like Romania the main country we help rescue victims of cruelty and abuse from. In this part of Europe dogs are viewed as vermin, something to be used , abused and treated like garbage.

Pups like poor like this poor little fella are normally unwanted births by the owners of their mothers who would rather allow young pups to freeze to death or be killed and eaten by the local wildlife than sterilise their pets.

Unable to defend themselves, unable to fight back, unable to survive, dogs just like Kompis here have almost no chance of survival. Thankfully Kompis was found by his whimpering and cries being heard by a passerby on a small path nearby where he was. A thoroughfare from one village to another.

It was also very lucky that it was someone from our network of rescuers because if it was not. Like thousands every year he would have been ignored or even targeted by humans to be used as target practice, especially in the region her was found.

Kompis is a phenomenally friendly, very lively as all pups are at his age. As would be expected he is a big lad, but such an adorable one .

He gets along with other dogs, adores human company however though he has not yet been cat tested we would not advise because of the Malamute in him that he is homed where there are cats. Though of course some do get along perfectly well with felines, we wouldn't advise taking that chance. However for the right adopter we can cat test him.

The most important think for Kompi, is that his adopters truly will understanding of his needs, not just his genetic roots. In short, he needs a loving home, that is able to provide for him all that needs and in return you will have on your hands an amazing dog that will be forever grateful for the chance you would have given to him.

Kompi is:
Fully Vaccinated ( incl anti rabies)
Holds an EU Pet Passport


Because of Kompis genetics we have added the following oh what he may be like as a full grown Kompi, but please keep in mind that he is a cross breed and so certain genetic traits will not always be the most dominant.

Although friendly and affectionate, he may become a dominant, self-confident, and strong-willed young man, this in itself means he could be quite a handful if not properly socialized, trained, and exercised. This is why it is so important that the adopter has experienced and knowledge of the Malamute breed, bit also they themselves lead active lives, be physically fit and be more than able to to give Kompi all the exercise and training he is going to need.

Kompi now may be very friendly with other dogs as a puppy, but as a young man we certainly would advise a suitable harness and good training to control what will be growing into a very strong and powerful dog.

Malamutes need gentle, firm training based on rewards and encouragement, not force. Because of its northern heritage, the Malamute adapts readily to life outdoors, but should never be allowed to run loose or be tied on a chain.

Malamutes are exceptionally quiet dogs that seldom bark, but they may utter a surprising repertoire of yips, growls, rumbles, howls, and woo-woo-woos. Some Mals harmonise mournfully in concert with every passing siren, and others seldom or never howl.

What we are saying is that though every dog as are every humans unique in there own right. Kompi will no doubt exhibit some or maybe all of the basic traits we have mentioned above only as a guide.

If you could find room in your hearts and home for this sweet boy, please contact our charity as soon as possible.

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