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ADOPTED - Dixie - 4 month old female - Shephard mix

Dixie and her brother were found abandoned in a cardboard box. It was pouring with rain
and they were soaked through and shivering with cold. They were also very hungry as there was no sign of their mother despite their cries so they had no one to feed them or keep them safe and warm.

When the good people who rescued them approached them they were met with a little caution and uncertainty but also with small wags of their tails and an obvious desire to be friends with these humans who had come along just at the right time. They allowed themselves to be picked up without any problems and although a little underweight and very cold, they had bright eyes that showed the mischief they would get into once they were strong enough.

A couple of weeks on and with lots of care and love .. and regular meals, Dixie and her brother are doing very well. Dixie is a typical pup, full of joy and very very playful. She will stop playing for fusses and cuddles though as they are very important to her aswell.

Dixie is very friendly .. it can truly be said that she loves everything with a heartbeat. She would make a fantastic family pet, if someone would just give her that forever home that she needs so much.
She has had a hard start to her life but being young she is still full of life and love and needs a loving family to share that with

Dixie is

Fully Vaccinated (Inc Anti rabies and going through the 21 day quarantine period)
Has own EU Pet Passport

Not sterilised yet due to age, if adopted before they mature then we do expect the adopter to ensure this is done.


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