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ADOPTED - Dylan - 8 month old Male Schnauzer Cross - Amazingly Gentle dog, saved from death row , now looking for that very special home to call his own

Dylan Smelling the flowers in the shelter- an amazing comical little fella

This is Dylan, as you can see a very comical chap and these photos really do express his temperament  He is funny, playful,loving and truly is a wonderful young dog. It is beyond understanding then how such an incredibly sweet dog could end up in a public kill shelter in Croatia.

This is not uncommon, in Croatia the majority view dogs as vermin, as something to use and abuse, to treat as they wish and when bored to throw them away like rubbish. They simply do not see dogs as many in the UK and elsewhere do, that dogs are individuals with their own characteristics,feelings and unique ways about them. Dogs to us are family members to be cared for and loved, Dogs to many Croatians are worthless in every way.

Poor Dylan here, by his temperament we know he would have been part of a family with children, other dogs and also possibly cats as he really does get along with anything that has a heartbeat. He either was deliberately run over ( a common occurrence in Croatia) after being abandoned by his family when he lost his puppiness or was beaten by them either way this poor little guys rear leg has been broken and he had been left for it to heal on its own.

This has caused him to have a limp, but the good news he is so young this may be repairable or if not an amputation would have little affect on such a young do and he would adjust accordingly. This will be seen to by our charity once he is taken out of the shelter where he is now reserved for us so he cannot be euthanised but the Croatian rescuers who are part of our network are going to visit him, care for him and getting all the things needed for him to travel to us in the UK.

Dylan is:
Fully Vaccinated ( Inc Anti Rabies he is now going through the 21 day quarantine period)
Has his own EU Pet Passport

This incredible dog really does need a forever home, and if a wonderful family does fall in love with him and wish to adopt him before he comes to foster with us our charity will be willing to pay for any surgical procedures on his rear leg. Please do not let what can be easily fixed put you off adopting this little chap. he needs a home, you can provide this for him, he needs his leg looking at, we can provide this. Between us, we really can ensure this sweet dog will never have to know abandonment, abuse and cruelty ever again.

To many Dylan may not be the most beautiful dog in the world, but to us....He is absolutely perfect in every way.

Please contact our charity if you are able to offer Dylan the perfect home for his needs.

Ref: Adriana/AAFA/Dylan

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