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ADOPTED - Candy - Beautiful 3 months old Lab/Collie Cross - Only survivor from an entire litter now desperately looking for a home to call her own

This is Candy the most sweetest little 3 month female Collie Cross puppy.

Candy's story:
Candy and her siblings were born in a horrific shelter in Galati, Romania. These places are ridden with disease and for new born pups the survival rate is virtually nil. For those who survive the disease, the starvation, the abuse and cruelty the public shelter workers put strays through, the larger stronger dogs also dying from starvation will pick the pups off one by one as some kind of nourishment and the pups other normally is to physically weak to defend her newborn litter.

This sadly was the case for Candy, one by one she saw her brothers and sisters either die horrific painful deaths a disease ran through their tiny bodies or be torn away from the litter to be killed and eaten infront of her. This is the true reality for any pregnant female that is captured and thrown into the public shelter and in turn the fate for her defenseless pups.

Thankfully for Candy a rescuer from our network visited this public shelter to see if there were any dogs they knew simply would not survive any longer in that place. This is when our rescuer spotted little Candy, trying  her best to hide behind a larger but equally terrified dog. This larger dog unfortunately was not her mother, Candy by this stage had not only witnessed her brothers and sisters horrific deaths, but also....her mothers.

Candy was alone, tiny and so terribly thin that the rescuer knew she must get her out of there and then. This was when Candy's life, until now was full of horror and cruelty began to change.

The rescuer took this little girl to her home where she fed and cared for her until she was strong enough to go to the veterinarian. Day by day she became stronger and her confidence started to build, no longer a terrified little pup, she was now a happy little girl, ready to dream of a future. The rescuer then took her to have a full medical where she was given the all clear, vaccinated and also microchipped

The rest is history for Candy, she remains in foster care, and soon will be ready to travel to meet her new family, to go to her forever home when the perfect family see her and fall in love with her as everyone else has who have met her.

She is such a small little thing, only about 5 kg in weight but she is getting there. Still growing, still determined to live and holding on to that dream of a loving family just like so many dogs have found through our charity.

Candy is extremely sociable with other dogs, cats and especially relishes human attention. This little pup has had such an awful start in life, we hope by this listing we will prove to her that just because you are dealt one set of cards this does not mean you cannot change that deck.

Candy is:
Fully Vaccinated ( Inc Anti Rabies which means she is still iin 21 day quarantine)
Has her very own EU Passport and ready to travel as soon as her quarantine period has expired.
Sterilised ,- if adopted prior to her turning 7 months of age the adopter will be expected to take care of this

Please, if you can offer this little princess, this little puppy a lovely and caring home, this little gurl who has lost everything that meant anything in short life. Please contact our charity as soon as possible

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