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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

ADOPTED - Hera - Gentle and friendly approx 4 year old female, Shepperd mix

Hera was living for a long time in the neighbourhood in Romania, many people from the area loved her but others did not want her there.. So they brought the dog catchers so that they could get rid of her.  Hera is very friendly with everyone so it was not difficult for them to catch her.

A lady that was taking care of her released her and Hera right now is safely in foster but she urgently needs to find a loving home she can live the rest of her life not knowing fear or abuse again.

.She is 2 years old, walks on leash, extremely friendly with people and other dogs.

If you are able to offer this wonderful young dog a home please contact us as soon as possible. or call 01782835332 


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