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ADOPTED - Fluffy - 3 month old female Croatian Sheperd Cross - Abandoned in the garbage left to freeze to death now looking for that special forever home

When you look at this incredibly beautiful young pup it is hard to believe that anyone could be so utterly cruel to have abandoned her in a garbage container in -37 temperatures with no ability to escape her then metal prison. But this is exactly what happened to her when she was just a few weeks of age.

This incredibly brave little pup did not give up crying out for help, even when she could hear footsteps coming close, then only to walk away. Time and again this would have happened all the while her tiny body becoming weak from starvation and her limbs starting to freeze in sub zero temperatures.

We wish it could be said this was a one off case, but sadly the country Fluffy was born into Croatia, just like some other Eastern European countries pups are unwanted, but rather than sterilise the adults some barbaric people prefer to abandon, abuse or kill pups just like Fluffy. To them it is easier and cheaper than getting the mother sterilised. For pups like Fluffy it is a never ending cycle of horrific cruelty.

Thankfully one person did walk to the container to look inside when the pups cries were heard, but unlike so many who would have done the same that day and then walked on leaving her to suffer, this person was part of our rescuers network and instead of leaving her to die, they picked her out of the rubbish and wrapped her in there coat, taking her home with them until she had warmed up and was fed a good meal. 

Fluffy was then taken to the veterinary clinic for a check up and also to start her vaccinations and deworming etc. She is an incredibly brave puppy with a strong will to live.

The vet gave her the all clear and she now is in foster along with 3 other rescued animals, a black lab mix female and 3 cats. She gets along great with everyone and she is learning to go out side to do her business.  

Adoring human attention she welcomes as many belly rubs and fusses as one puppy can take

We try as much as possible to rehome within the country the animals have been rescued from, however for Fluffy, the cruel reality is because of her stunning, beautiful black fur she stands even less of a chance in such a barbaric and superstitious culture. So, Fluffy will be coming to the UK under our charities wing once her quarantine period is up from her anti rabies vaccine, this will be from the 26th May onwards.


Fluffy is/has
Fully vaccinated plus anti rabies vaccine
Vet checked
Has full EU Pet Passport ( however unable to travel until after 26th May because still in quarantine period)

She is not mature physically to be sterilised but if adopted before she is 6 months of age we will expect the adopter to ensure this is done as soon as shes matured enough.

This incredible pup is in desperate need of a forever home, she so much wants to be part of her very own family. If you are able to offer her all she needs then please contact our charity as soon as possible.


Because of Fluffys Croatian Shepherd genetics which are visibly stronger than her other cross breed DNA we have put the following advice for potential adopters. We really want to ensure not only does Fluffy fine the perfect forever home, but that the forever home adopts the perfect pooch where both sides will live blissfully together. Please keep in mind that the photo of the adult Croatian shepherd and the advice below is given as a guide only.

This breed grow into strong, social energetic adults. They make excellent family members as long s they are given the right environmental factors. 


Because of the energy and need for human companionship it is vital that the adoptive family are NOT couch potatoes. We are not suggesting they should be fitness fanatics but must be aware that like all dogs, more so in Shepherd and larger working breeds regular exercise, mental stimulation and socialising is imperative for a physically and emotionally stable dog.


She will have a herding instinct, and so though as you can see here she will be fine with cats, you must be aware that she is very likely to take it upon herself when out and about to start herding up the ducks at the local pond and so on. So keep her on a leash in public places ( as all responsible owners should do anyway)

A good quality dry complete food is recommended, following your own vets recommended quantities based on Fluffys weight and height. If you start adding too many fancy variations into the diet this can cause havoc on dogs tummies. The secret is to quality not quantity.

We would prefer to see Fluffy be adopted by a Shepherd breed experienced family, but even if not experienced, at the least a family that is willing to put time and effort into making sure they provide for all of Fluffys needs as much as she will put all her time into being your very special and loyal family member.

Ref: APO/fluffy

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