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This is Mia, a lovely 3 month old Terrier cross. Sweet, adorable and desperately needing a forever home.

Zitta Pia's very brave little mummy
Mias Story/Background: 

Mias story starts with her mummy Zita. A lovely Jack russel cross who was literally thrown onto the streets by her owners along with her new litter of puppies. 

This is a common occurance in Croatia where dogs are seen as vermin to abuse, torment and kill  without any fear of official retribution from law enforcement.

 So poor Zita would carry one by her new litter from place to place, keeping moving to try and keep her and her and the pups safe away from human abusers as well as more aggressive dogs who they themselves were suffering from severe starvation and so the pups to them would be a quick source of food.

It can only be imagined what poor Zita went through, how brave she must have been fighting off dogs 10 times her size to protect her babies. At the same time moving them around one by one as well as trying find food to feed herself.

As the puppies got older, they would trail behind their mummy as she led the way for her tiny family,trying to find shelter, trying to find food. As brave as Zitta was one by one her tiny family became less, killed by abusers and also the larger dogs. Until finally only Pia and her sister Mia remained. 

One of the places Zitta has to chance to stay was near a kindergarten, here she and her now two pups would hide under the bushes by a back door where the humans would throw their garbage. They all had to scavenge on what the human threw out, they would keep to themselves not bothering anyone. 

But this was not good enough for the mothers who would take their children to the nursery. With their backward mentality they would throw rocks and stones at the tiny family to try and scare them away, not caring why or how these little dogs had ended up there. 

A wonderful lady from our Croatian network of rescuers heard that a small family were about to be picked up by the dogcatchers after calls from "concerned" parents telling them to get rid of the dogs. If the dog catchers had caught Zitta and her two little pups they would have been take to the state shelter which is a living hell for dogs. 

Mia and Pia no doubt would have been killed instantly by the other dogs, if not by them then by starvation or the abuse and cruelty of the shelter workers who use pups as bait for there own dog fighting events.

It literally was a race between our rescuer and the dogcatchers. Thankfully our rescuer got there before the dogcatchers did and from that point Zitta and her pups lives begun to change. They were taken into foster, vet checked and up until now are safe within the rescuers home socialising with all the other foster rescued animals there. 

Both pups are what we believe to be German Pincer/ Jack Russel crosses. They will be slightly taller than there mummy Zitta but both share her amazing zest for life. They are  cheerful playful young puppies adoring cuddles and fuss from their human carers.

Mia is:
Fully Vaccinated (Inc Anti rabies and going through the 21 day quarantine period)
Has own EU Pet Passport
Not sterilised yet due to age, if adopted before they mature then we do expect the adopter to ensure this is done.

Mia has gone through so very much at such a young age, she deserves a family, a home that will care for her always giving her as much love and attention as she needs. She in return will be the most incredible new family member, loving, loyal and so gentle.

If you are able to offer little Mia a forever home, please contact our charity as soon as possible

Ref: UBZ/Croatia/Mia

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