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Monday, 10 June 2013

ADOPTED - Bobby - four and a half year old shepherd mix.

Bobby is in a desperate situation. He is owned by an elderly lady who very sadly has kept him on a chain in her backyard since he was a puppy. He is fed ( but only scraps of food left over from his owner) and has shelter but until a local rescue team heard about him those were the only positives about his situation. From being chained he had lost fur around his neck. This had been his life, on a chain in the backyard, it is all he knew.

Remarkably despite this, when the rescue team went to see him they were met with a big wagging tail and excitement to see them. They could not take him but it was agreed that they would come every day to walk him and give him something to look forward to. One of the rescue team also bought him a harness so although he was still on a chain for a lot of the time he was a lot more comfortable and the loss of fur, and discomfort around his neck has started to get better.

He loves his walks. It is a testament to his character that despite his treatment so far in this world, he just adores people and spending time walking with his new friends. They are always greeted with hugs and kisses and his excitement shows every time they go to him. Most dogs who have spent their lives on a chain on their own find it very hard to get along with other dogs ..but not Bobby, he loves them. There isn't a dog who has come near him that he has taking a dislike to. Often cats would enter the yard he is in and he does not bother them in any way. It is almost as if he yearns for the company of anything with a heartbeat.

As if his life so far hasn't been bad enough he now faces the biggest threat of all .. the threat of being put to sleep. his elderly owner has to go into a home and cannot take him and her family are not interested and have said they will take him to the vet to be put to sleep once his owner moves out. He is considered an 'old' dog over there with no use, and therefore he is disposable to them.

He is just lovely dog who craves company and love. He needs someone special to save him and he only has a short time left to find someone. He will make a perfect companion and be very loyal .. he just needs someone to be loyal to him !

Bobby is :

fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
Has a EU passport

He will be neutered before travel.


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