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Friday, 7 June 2013

ADOPTED - BusBoy 1 year old Jack Russell Cross, rescued from a gang of youths who cornered him at a bus stop and were throwing bricks at him, now looking for a loving forever home

Bus-Boy was a stray that appeared in town some time ago..He was seen by people on different locations over town taking his chance and begging for food from strangers. Not the safest thing to do when you are a dog born in Croatia and abandoned to the streets by your family simply for growing into a young adult and loosing your puppy looks. In this country strays are seen as vermin, something to abuse, to torture to kill. Bus Boy really did not stand a chance.

Thankfully one of our network of Croatian volunteers came to Osijek to do some shopping and she noticed this sweet charming little fella by the bus station. She noticed this small dog as he was cowering and crying as a group of young guys were throwing rocks at him and also cigarette butts

Bus boy had made the mistake of going up to one of them who were stuffing there face with a burger just to ask for some food. The voulateer ran over and lets just say gave the youths a good telling off and collected Busbiy in her arms. The poor thing was terrified, he was lightweight as had obviously not eaten properly in so long. Trembling with cuts and bruises from the recent assault ( Something that is common in Croatia)

This wee sweet fella was taken to safe foster where he was given a good meal, a warm bath and the next day taken for a vet check. 

This lovely small dog is so very sweet but because of his past he is at first wary of strangers and just needs a safe secure home where he knows when his family reach out there hand it will be to fuss him and not to beat him. He is a very cheeky young dog who really does need that special forever home he has been dreaming of for so very long.

If you are able to offer this to him please contact our charity as soon as possible.

BusBoy is:
Fully Vaccinated ( incl anti rabies)
Has full EU Pet Passport

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