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Friday, 17 May 2013

ADOPTED - KLEO - Female - 11th months old - mixed breed

This lovely young pup is called Kleo. She was found in June last year as a barely one month old puppy. Kleo was found on the streets living near a rubbish depot and had obviously been dumped there .. considered waste herself !!

Kleo currently lives in foster home. But as much as her foster carer loves her and wants to do the best for her she is also caring for another 11 dogs and cats. The carer gets no help from any NGO's or other charities and so has to buy food out of her own money. This means that Kleo is not a fussy eater. Like all the dogs she eats whatever is put down for her .. and is extremely grateful for it !  

She is a very loving young dog with a very sweet nature. She loves dogs, cats and of course people and woud be the ideal dog for a first time owner as she is so easy to look after due to her temperement and behaviour.

She does not require very long walks so if you are a potential owner who cannot walk too far she is also ideal.

All Kleo needs now is a family, a forever home, somewhere she can be happy, cared for and loved as she deserves. She needs to be in an environament where she can grow and blossom into the wonderful dog she is going to be.
Kleo is vaccinated, spayed and micro chipped.

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