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Sunday, 9 June 2013

ADOPTED - ADRIAN:APO Approx 6 month old male lab cross needing a forever home.

Adrian born on the streets of Croatia, relying on the good will of people to feed him. His mother will have had to fight for food to keep herself and her babies alive.

Adrian was at risk of being attacked by people and other dogs and being killed, starving to death or even beaten to death.

Life on the streets of Croatia is hell for these dogs.

Adrian and his sister we staying near a house where a kind lady was feeding them scraps of bread and other food, but unfortunately a neighbour could not cope with their barking for food so he took them to the pound.

He was nervous at first and wouldnt come out of his little shelter for a few days. Once gaining  the trust of those looking after him, he is now quite happy to come out and play and get his cuddles.

Adrian now lets them walk him on a lead, is happy to take food from their hands and loves his fusses and cuddles.

Adrian is a lovely sweet calm boy and once he gets to know some one it is kisses and fusses all the way.

He is approx 6 months old and would easily adapt to a family home, he just needs that chance.
He has been fine with the other dogs in his care.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport.


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