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ADOPTED - Selena - 3 month old female Terrier cross, abandoned to the streets, her life saved by an unexpected hero, a Big Grumpy Street Dog called Ares

This is Selena, a 3 month old sweet little street puppy who knew she could not survive on her own and so befriended a big old grumpy Rottweiler who lives in the area of one of our rescuers homes.

We are not surprised by this little girls actions, pups on the streets of Romania will have to suffer the most horrific cruelty and abuse by the humans, but also is a very dangerous place to be such a tiny thing with packs of large dogs around you. Well this very brave little girl picked the biggest guardian she could find in Ares.

When Selena first entered our lives
This little girls story begins on an evening only a few weeks ago when the moon was at its highest in the sky at the time when Ares, a big old grumpy Rotweiler ( who we might normally does not like any other dog at all) walked in through our rescuers families front door as he usually does for his dinner and his evening belly rub. However this time, beside him trotted this tiny little girl. They were in total shock, never has Ares acted in such a manner, out in his neighborhood he prefers his own company and has never been so gentlemanly in his entire life! But here he was, escorting this little tiny angel into the only home in the area where strays are welcomed and fed instead of the normal abuse and cruelty they would receive anywhere else in that area.

Grumpy Old Ares and his little friend Selena

There must be something very special about this little one for Grumpy old Ares to not only allow her into his neighborhood but he even invited her in for dinner! The family took one look at her and knew unlike Big Old Ares, she did not stand a chance. Ares could not watch over her all the time and when alone she was at risk of being beaten, abused or even worse.

They named her Selena because of the moon that shone that night over the odd looking pair that walked in through there front door. And she is incredibly special, getting along with anything that has a heart beat, loving, sweet and loyal with that magical puppy quality that puts a smile on your face each time you look at her.

Though she is safe in her foster home she needs her very own forever home. Somewhere she can grow in confidence and explore the world around her in safety.

If you can offer this to such an incredible puppy like Selena please contact our charity as soon as possible.

Selena is:has

Fully vaccinated (inc anti rabies she has just been given so now in her 21 day quarantine stage)
Has very own EU Pet Passport
Too young to be sterilised so the adopter will be expected to have this done when she has matured enough.

Selena and Ares enjoying a dip in the nearby ocean
She gets along with other dogs, cats and adores human company and interaction.

Ref: RalucaTimiosara/Selen

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