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Thursday, 16 May 2013

ADOPTED - Seth - 8 Month Old Male Schaunzer Cross, rescued from death row now looking for his forever home

There is a kill shelter in Croatia where dogs who end up here , normally from being abandoned by there owners simply because they cannot be bothered to care for them anymore, where the moment the dogs enter the shelter they have 60 days to live unless they are adopted, Seth here through no fault of his own found himself on death row the same as hundreds who he would have shared a similar fate

This gorgeous sweet boy is called Seth and he literally was on death row, because of his incredible sweet nature even the hardened shelter manager gave him a reprieve and by a miracle this extra time he was given meant he was brought to our charities attention.

We immediately stepped into action and organised through our Croatian network of rescuers to get this wonderful young boy out there, and on his way to a new life. 

What many will not understand is in Croatia regardless how the shelter workers feel about the dogs, they are marked by the 60 day kill policy. Seth here, was a very lucky dog and by some "clerical error" his life was extended for one month. At this same shelter local children come to walk and exercise the dogs, to help feed them and generally socialise them. Seth was a very big favorite among the kids, he adored them as much they adored him. 

It really would have been a tragedy if that "clerical error" had not happened because Seth is perfect for a family, and he almost was robbed of having an incredible future. One where he would be part of a family that would be willing and able to give him as much love and attention as he would give them in return.

Seth is a very sweet young dog, gentle and loving as well as being a big playful furball of fun. Getting along with other dogs, and humans of all sizes and even cats.

Seth is:
Fully Vaccinated ( Inc Anti Rabies )
Has his very own EU Pet Passport
In Foster in the UK

Please, if you can offer this incredible young dog a home he deserves, an environment he will thrive in, please contact our charity as soon as possible. 


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