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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

ADOPTED - SWEETIE, stunning 4 old male retriever cross needing a forever home

This is Sweetie, a stunning black Retriever cross male. Once giving all his loyalty and love to a family who in return for such devotion abandoned him in the house when they moved to another area, without food, water or access to escape his then prison.

Thankfully one of rescuers in our network heard this poor dgs cried for help and by an unlocked back door was able to gain access and so begun her daily visits to him, to feed, water and care for him. She also takes him for regular walks but sadly as she has no more space in her home she has to return him each night back to his prison and there he remains in hopes of one day being lead not just for a walk but to his new forever home where again he will give his loyalty and love but this time, his new family will not abandon him and leave him to what would have been a certain death.

When you read this, you would not be blamed for being shocked by such cruel actions to leave your own dog to die in a building you vacated. But just like the main country our charity helps the animals with , which is Romania. This country where Sweetie was born and treated so cruelly is Croatia, sharing the same backward and cruel mentality. To abuse or kill dogs or any animal for that matter is a way of life it would seem.

With the corrupt political and legal system it is for the most part the abusers who come out top, not there victims...This is where our charity steps in and along with the incredible few people in that country who do care for these animals, we are doing our best to make a difference.
Sweetie is an incredible dog, he has a very laid back temperamental and adores human company. Incredibly sociable he gets along very well with other dogs. he has not been cat tested as yet and so would not recommend a home with feline family members or at least until we cant test him and can say for sure

This handsome boy needs a loving home, somewhere he can call his own. If you could offer him this, please contact our charity as soon as possible.

Sweetie is 
Fully vaccinated
Vet checked
Has own EU Pet Passport


If you can offer or are interested in offer this furbaby a home, please CLICK HERE to read our adoption procedure and fill out contact form.

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