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ADOPTED - Lizzy - 10 month old Schnauzer/Terrier cross. Found abandoned and surviving by the side of the road near a garbage area. Now desperately looking for that loving forever home

This is Lizzie, the truly most lovable and truly sweet young dog you could ever meet. Despite her incredible sweet nature her story is an incredibly sad one. Lizzys story below is not an uncommon one, after all Lizzy was born in a country where dogs are viewed as vermin, to be abused , beaten and to suffer the most henious acts of animal cruelty in Europe..This country was Romania.

It was very clear that Lizzy had been abandoned and trying her hardest to survive on the refuse and waste in that area, whilst surviving regular abuse and beatings from anyone she dared to go towards to beg some food from.

It was very lucky for Lizzy that it was rescuers from our charities network that spotted her and not the usual abusers who would go out of there way to drive down or hurt in otherways dogs just like Lizzy

After she was tempted with some food from the back of the rescuers car, she was taken from the side of the road to the local veterinary clinic where she was giving a full MOT, given the all clear and then was Microchipped, dewormed, deflead and fully vaccinated including anti rabies vaccine. Afterwards she was taken to foster for a good meal , a bath and most likely for the first time in her life to know kindness and love from a human instead of being beaten and abused.

It was very clear from all that met Lizzy she was very much a gentle soul who wanted nothing more than to be loved and cared for. During her stay in foster she really was a delight to have in the home. Was found to get along very well with everyone and everything she met, she just wanted to be friends, even with the rescued cats there.

After her quarantine period was up and she was found foster here in the UK, we transported her over and here she is being cared for in the UK by one of our charities volunteers homes.

The assessment of her character can be found below. In short, Lizzy will truly make the most amazing new family member and is incredibly sweet you really will fall in love with her as soon as you meet her.

Lizzy has been:
Fully vaccinated ( Inc anti rabies)
Has full EU pet passport

If you could offer this amazing young dog a forever home, please contact our charity as soon as possible.

Character Assessment by her UK foster mummy:
Dog friendly: Yes  Cat Friendly: Yes   Adult Friendly: Yes     Kid Friendly: Yes

From the second Lizzy entered our home it was clear she was going to be a pleasure to care for. We have 4 dogs of our own including a very silly Staffy, 4 cats and also children. So this really was going to test all areas of Lizzies character and temperament. Keeping in mind we have fostered may rescue for a number of years, I have to say that if this was a test for the perfect pooch she would have passed with flying colors.

Lizzy and Smoochy ( our Staffy) bonded instantly and decided they would go flying aroun th ehouse and garden playing rough and tumble. Even our grumpy little dog who thinks she owns the house did not mind Lizzy being here. As for our cats, Lizzy got the seal of approval from them too, she was interested in them , even sniffed them but show absolutely no signs of aggression in any shape or form not even food aggression which is normally common amongst rescued dogs.

She got along very well with my son and loves to cuddle up on the sofa with him, that is when she is not playing with her new doggy friends.

Lizzy is a very energetic dog, and I would recommend a home with another friendly dog in the house as a play companion for her. The perfect family would be taking her for regular walks and be able to give her all she needs in regards to care, love, mental and physical exercise and she is such a smart. She will be a medium sized dog when fully grown but I would say she has reached more or less her growing capacity.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this sweet playful young dog for adoption immediately.

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