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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

ADOPTED - TINA : IB NOW IN FOSTER IN UK, TINA approx 3 year old female Carpathian cross large size needing a forever home,

Meet Tina the Carpathian cross, presently in the Radauti shelter in Romania. These dogs are gentle giants as a rule so the shelter is definately not the place for her, she needs a loving home.

Carpathians are very loving and loyal dogs and very protective over their family. Tina loves the company of the volunteers at the shelter and is getting on well the the other dogs too.

Tina was abandoned simply because she is a she !!

Tina is a big girl measuring 55 cm to her shoulders, so a good size garden would be needed or some one who lives near plenty of open spaces, Carthpathians need space !!! a home with small children would not be recommend as Carpathians can be too loving and very clumbsy !! so a small child is at risk of un intentionally being knocked over.

Tina will need a strong owner purely because of her bulk. if trained properly Tina will be a very obedient and loyal girl, she deserves a loving home rather than being in a public shelter.

The Carpathians do tend to like to sit on your knee or hog the sofa, so be prepared to be relagated to the floor !!!

Tina has settled in really well in her foster home in the UK and is loving life. She gets on great with other dogs.  She is a big softie and stealing every ones hearts. Just look at the difference between the shelter pictures and Tina on a comfy sofa, she is one happy, healthy girl !!

Fully vaccinated
EU passport.


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