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Thursday, 14 March 2013

ADOPTED-PABLO approx 5 month old malelab cross found in the woods needing a forever home

Pablo found abandoned in the woods, left to fend for himself at such a young age.

Most of the abandoned dogs found in Romania, Croava, Osijek and surrounding areas, have had owners before. They are simply thrown away like you would throw rubbish in a bin. No longer wanted, moving home and can not be bothered to take animals with them, they have stolen a piece of food off the tables because they are hungry, having pups, lack of education and not being able to cope with a pet or not understanding the pets needs,even down to the colour of the animal, in some areas black is deemed to be unlucky so animals that colour do not stand a chance of being homed, and some are simply born on the streets living the life of a stray. The list is endless

 Pablo was coaxed out of the woods by a volunteer who helps to rescue dogs from the streets, they find safe places to keep them, usually abandoned houses where they can be kept an eye on.

Pablo was a frightened, staving little boy who trusted no one. They won his trust and managed to get him safe. He was taken to the vets where he had ticks removed from his poor skinny body and given a full health check. The vets believes is approx 5 months old because he still has a lot of baby teeth. He has had worming treatment and vitamin shots and is starting to eat well and in time will gain weight he has lost.

The vets believes he is crossed with a lab and is going to be a big boy when he finally stops growing.

He is a loving boy now that he has gained the trust of the people caring for him.

Pablo likes to climb and sit up on high places, probably a security thing after being abandoned, he will have been on guard, watching for any one or anything that possibly pose a danger to him.

He is fine with the people who look after him and is a sweet loving boy towards them, but an experienced dog owner would be advised for Pablo, but hopefuly with him being so young he will soon forget his past traumas.

It is not known how well he gets on with younger people so a house hold with teenagers would probably be better for Pablo and it is not known if he gets on with cats. The volunteer is also training him to walk on a leash, and getting him used to be handled, he does not seem to mind other dogs.

Pablo needs a proper home, a loving caring home.

He will be fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
Neutered if old enough.

If you
can offer or are interested in offer this furbaby a home, please CLICK HERE to read our adoption procedure and fill out contact form


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