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ADOPTED - Masha - 3 month old Female Shepherd/Lab Cross Puppy, crammed into a bucket when 2 weeks of age and left to die. Now looking for his forever home

This is Masha the most gorgeous sweet 3 month old female shepherd mix you could ever wish to meet. Looking at her photo above you would never guess the most vile start he and his siblings had.
This is exactly how Masha and her siblings were found, 7 tiny puppies, eyes still closed crammed into a filthy bucket and left at the bottom of a block of flats with sub zero temperatures outside.

It was only their feeble cries that alerted people to them, many would have seen them, many would have have walked past knowing within hours these poor babies would have either died from the cold or starvation, most likely both. But this is the way things are in Romania, one of the most animal abusive countries in Eastern Europe where strays are deemed vermin to do with what humans wish.
Thankfully a person who did care stopped by them and did the only thing she was able. She had no room herself in their her home and to take them in would risk the local city hall evicting her and her children to the streets. So she took this photo and sent it to a friend, a friend who is part of our rescuers network. 
She waited until they arrived, guarding them as she knew as we do, in Romania pups like this if they did not die from the environment would more than likely become targets of abuse and cruelty by local residents, even local children. The rescuer arrived and collected these tiny pups who were no more than 2 weeks of age, eyes still closed and in desperate need of heat and food.
Then begun the hard job of getting life back into the tiny bodies which would mean every 3 hours for the next few weeks they would have to be bottled fed.
It really is a miracle they all survived, but they did. As each day past each one became stronger and stronger. When they were old enough they were taken for a vet check and vaccinated etc.

Masha was very much the leader of her sisters, she was the first of the girls to open her eyes, would eat greedily and became strong quickly. Though her carer tells us she really is a joy to have around and care for. 

Easily pleased, a warm bottle milk ( now a bowl of puppy milk) and a cuddle is all she needed.

She is a very sociable pup enjoying the company of others dogs and even cats, but most of all enjoying the kindness and fuss from his foster family.
She truly is in desperate need of a loving home, somewhere he will always be safe and can be watched over by his family and in return he will be the most adoring loyal puppy you could wish for.

Masha is:/has
Fully vaccinated 
Anti Rabies vaccine just given so going through his 21 day quarantine period before she can travel
Regular vet checks
Full EU Pet Passport 
Sterilised ( Too young at the moment will expect the adopter to do this)

If you can offer this incredible little pup a forever home, please contact our charity as soon as possible..

Ref: Proterra/Masha

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