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Monday, 29 April 2013

ADOPTED - Florian - 11 month Snausser cross , rescued from abuse now looking for his forever home

This sweet young Snausser was rescued after being found with an eye injury where he had recently been a target of abuse as is common in Croatia. 

His eye when first rescued was extremely sore where his abuser had caught him, held him down and stamped on his head. 

Strays are common targets for drunks and vile abusers who view such animals as vermin, add this to the lack of animal welfare laws being implemented by the corrupt officials who for a bribe turn a blind eye to the crimes...The strays really do not stand a chance and our charity as are our network of rescuers are in a constant battle to not only help the victims, but  to sterilse the strays and to change the opinion and behavior of an entire culture/country.

Because his eye was injured in the photos his eye looks a little redder than it would be. But during his vet check it was found thankfully he had not sustained any long term injury and it is healing nicely.

Considering all he has been through it is amazing doggie who was desperate to be rescued, he needed no help in climbing into the open door on our rescuers car, as if he knew at last this was his chance of that family he had always wanted.

Florian gets along perfectly fine with humans , dogs and cats. Infact he would tick all the boxes most people would be looking for when wanting to adopt a new family member into there home.

If you can offer this lovely young dog that fureverhome please contact our charity as soon as possible

Florian has:
Fully vaccinated including anti rabies
Has own EU pet passport

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