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ADOPTED - Jazz - 2 year old female Beautiful Dachshund Cross Imprisoned in a shed now rescued and looking for a forever home

This is Jazz, an incredibly beautiful 2 year old Dachshund Cross whose previous owners deliberately locked he in a shed without food and only a rusty old bowl with water. She survived like this for 3 weeks.

Jazz when first rescued
You would have no idea when looking at these photos that a short while ago rescuers from our Croatian network had to break into a shed to rescue with poor little dog before she died of starvation.

When they broke in poor Jazz was up to her little knees in mud and dirt as well as obviously her own excrement. This poor little angel had been deliberately locked in there by a callous individual who do such things purely because they can without any retribution from the locals or the authorities ..Why? Because this is Croatia and animals are deemed as vermin to do what you wish with. To use, abuse and treat with no compassion.

This type of cruelty is common place in Croatia, just like strays in Romania our charity also helps these animals will be put through the worst inhumane treatment anyone would think possible. But thankfully, unlike the thousands who will suffer the same if not worse fate than this little dog. Jazz was rescued.

As soon as she was got out of there she was taken back to the rescuers home, fed, cleaned up and then whisked off to the vets for a health check and to be vaccinated. She was also deflead, de wormed and given antibiotics and nourishment build up to get her back to a healthy weight and fight any infection she may have caught whilst imprisoned in that shed surrounded by dirt and filth.

She was taken back to her foster home where she was looked after and within a few days she was a changed dog. Running around the garden playing with the other foster dogs and also the cats. Her ordeal had not affected her in anyway, she just loves life and wants to enjoy it as much as she can.

It will come as no surprise then to learn that this little angel gets along very well with other dogs, cats and she absolutely adores human company. What she needs most of all now is a forever home to love and care for, to never abandon or harm her in anyway. To treat her as the little princess she truly is.

Jazz is:
Fully Vaccinated
Has EU Pet Passport

Please do contact our charity as soon as possible if you would like to welcome Jazz as a new member of your family.

Ref: Adriana/Jazz

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