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Monday, 19 August 2013

ADOPTED TESS in foster in the UK Norflok area. 7 month old female small terrier cross needing a forever home.

Tess, brought over from Romania, saved from a possible life on the harsh streets of Romania or being in a public shelter. The shelters over there, the public ones are horrendous, not enough food, sharing with many many other dogs of all ages and sizes. They can not get the human attention they need as time and volunteers are limited, but they do their best with what they have. They totally rely on the kindness of others to do what they can.

Tess is a lively, loveable little girl and would fit in just about any where. She can be a little snappy with young children, so a family with children aged 10 and over would be better for Tess. she gets on well with other dogs, but her one fault is, if another dog has something she will bark, bark bark at them until she gets what she wants, so a little firmness with Tess wouldn't go a miss. she has an adorable cheeky side to her and she knows it. Tess is currently living with her sister Missy in Norfolk and any potential adopter can be put in touch with her foster carer. Tess has not been spayed yet as her sister who is the same age is having a season, so Tess could possibly come into season at any point.

She will be adopted with a spay policy any new owner will be expected to have Tess spayed.

Tess is :

Fully vaccinated
EU passport


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