Sunday, 22 September 2013


Sunday, 1 September 2013

RESREVED for Germany-SANDY - 8 month old female on DEATHROW!

Sandy is a 8 month old female, she is as you can see great with all dogs,humans etc..Really good  and gentle doggie. She also shares one big kennel with other dogs and goes regularly for walks on Saturdays..Found as a stray.
Death date: 31. September

As a charity that helps thousands of animals every year in various ways, we just do not have the resources or foster homes to take all the dogs from death row. All we and our network of rescuers/carers can do is visit the dogs every day, feed them and make sure they are well whilst we try frantically to find each one a home. We get all dogs ready to travel in the hope that they will find homes in time.

Name: Sandy
Age: 8 months
Sex: Female]
Ref: Adriana Popovic

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