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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

ADOPTED-GUSTAV approx 3 month old male, croatian shepherd mix cross needing a forever home.

This little boy literally lived among the rubbish with his mother and siblings. Living in a partially demolished garage. His mother had been dumped by her so called loving owner because she was pregnant. This is a familiar story in Croatia, just dumped and left to fend for themselves when no longer wanted.

He is currently being looked after in house that is used by the carers, but unfortunately this house is old and falling apart, so they are looking for some where new for these little ones and future dogs to be kept safe until homes can be found for them.

He is an adorable little boy and gets along really well with the other dogs in the house, he looks forward to his carers going in and loves his fusses and cuddles. He is a typical puppy and gets himself into trouble as puppies do !, he will adapt very quickly to a family home because of him being so young and he will be eager to learn new things and to be trained. Please give him the chance of a new life.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel.
EU passport
too young to be neutered at this time.

REF: Adriana

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