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Missy- ADOPTED - 1 year old Lab mix. On Death Row

Missy is an adorable young lady with lots of love to give. Born on the streets, her life started badly and with hardships that would break the hearts and souls of many dogs .. but not Missy, she just kept battling on despite the fear, hunger and desperation that is all part of the life of a street dog.
On the streets there is very little shelter and even less food. Her mother will have scavenged for as much to eat as possible, but if she couldn't get enough her milk would not have been nourishing enough .. and at these times Missy would have gone very hungry herself. It is also a very frightening place to grow up. As there is so little food the bigger dogs will attack the more submissive smaller dogs and even the pups so Missy would have seen, and heard a lot of fighting and a lot of the sounds of dogs in pain, and even dying. She would have also known the pain and fear of being attacked herself.
And then, one day, just as Missy would have been thinking life couldn't get any worse, she was picked up by the local dog catchers and thrown into a pound. In the pound there is the same problems with a lack of food but now there are many more dogs confined into a small area so the fights are worse and there is no room to get out of the way. Missy is one of the lucky ones and is now in foster in the UK Northants.

As a charity that helps thousands of animals every year in various ways, we just do not have the resources or foster homes to take all the dogs from death row. All we and our network of rescuers/carers can do is visit the dogs every day, feed them and make sure they are well whilst we try frantically to find each one a home. We get all dogs ready to travel in the hope that they will find homes in time.

There is at least a little sunshine in her life. Every Saturday local people, including children are allowed in to take the dogs for a walk. Saturday is her little piece of heaven and she greets her human friends with lots of tail wagging and barking that says  'I am so happy to see you'. Whether her two legged companions are young or old, adult or child she loves them and shows it in the usual dog way .. lots of sloppy kisses. But then of course the sadness returns to her eyes when she has to say goodbye to them at the end of the day.
 Everything about Missy says how much love she has to give and how loyal she will be, but time is running out for her. She needs someone to look in her eyes and see the love in them.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport

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