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Thursday, 8 August 2013

ADOPTED-ROLY 10 month old male possible Croatian shepherd cross. Death Row

Another poor soul stuck in the pound on a death sentance. No longer wanted by anyone or even born on the streets of Croatia then left to fend for himself. The only thin he has to look forward to is volunteers going to the pound on a weekend to take him for a walk and show him what love, fusses and cuddles can be like.

He looks forward to hi weekly walks and is oblivious the fact that very soon he will be put to sleep. He is a lovely boy, loves everyone, adults, children and even gets on well with the other dogs in his kennel. he deserves better, he deserves to be in a loving home surrounded by a family that loves him. You can help Roly by adopting him, fostering or even sponsoring him so we as a charity can find a foster home for him. Please give this little boy a chance.

DEATH DATE 09.09.2013

Fully vaccinated to legal reguirements for travel
EU passport

REF: Adriana

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