Sunday, 22 September 2013


ADOPTED-ARKO = RAA ARKO 8 month old male Jack Russel cross in foster in the UK desperately needs a perminant home



This is Arko. He is a fun loving, playful 8 month old, full of life and energy.

Arko has recently had an operation on his back leg, from which he has totally recovered. The operation was to put right damage done in an accident while he was a stray on the streets of Romania. Through habit he still lifts and drags that leg sometimes but this will stop as he gets used to it being treated and put right.

Arko was brought over to the UK several months ago having been rescued in Romania and taken care of for a time by a foster carer over there. He was brought over so he could get the health care and operation he needed and now this healthy lad needs a forever home.

Arko is house trained and will respond to a few basic commands, however he has some issues with socialising with humans and other animals. Once Arko has been given time to get to know specific animals or people he is great with them, full of love and fully accepting. However with strange dogs and new people he can be very defensive and show signs of fear aggression. For that reason he will need to be homed with an experienced dog owner who has the ability, time and patience to work with him.

With people he knows Arko is very loving and will be a fantastic pet and companion. With time and work he will overcome his issues but any adopter must realise they will have to put the effort in for what will no doubt be the great reward of seeing this gorgeous boy reach his full potential.


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