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Saturday, 1 June 2013

RESERVED- MILLY - 1 year old female - Small Lab mix, currently in foster in the UK.

Milly is a lovely gentle girl who loves human company and company and
play with her four legged kennel pals as well. She is a very relaxed dog who
plods around the kennel just taking every day as it comes and making the most
of her situation.

Milly is one of very many dogs born in a shelter when their mothers were rescued off the
streets before any harm could come to them or their pups. This means of course that Milly
has been kept safe and away from the dangers of the streets but it is no life for a dog in the long term.
The volunteers at the shelter do what they can and spend as much time as possible with all the dogs,
but Milly loves human company so much she does struggle with being left by them when they have to go to see to all the other dogs they have to look after.

Milly desperately needs somewhere she can call 'home' for the rest of her life.
She needs to be with people who can give her the attention and love she desperately craves,
with as many tummy rubs and fusses as possible, because that is what she loves more than anything.
Milly is currently in foster in the UK, she follows her foster carers every where..

Milly is still a little submissive and does prefer the company of her female carer, though she is coming round slowly to the male member of the house hold.

It has took Milly a little while to come round to her foster brothers, but as you can see from the photo she has settled in rather well and quite likes to snuggle up them them for the odd snooze.

When Milly in the shelter there was cats around and she did not take any notice of them, she basically just ignored them.
Milly will need a little time and patience as she is still scared of her own shadow on times but her carers are helping Milly to build up her confidence. She uses the cat flap to do what she needs to do in the garden so she is a clean little girl. All she needs now is that forever home.

Milly is being fostered in Linconshire.

Fully Vaccinated (Inc Anti rabies and going through the 21 day quarantine period)
Has own EU Pet Passport

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