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ADOPTER-Lex - full breed Croatian shepherd, 11 month old male. In foster in the UK

Lex is a stunning 11 month old full breed Croatian shepherd. Like most of his breed is a gentle giant. He has a very kind temperament and is very intelligent and kind hearted and loves humans of all ages, and other dogs of all types. When a Croatian shepherd gives you kisses you know about it .. and Lex has many to give. Like all of his breed he is also very loyal and will be a perfect addition to any family who lead a very active life but also want a pet who enjoys cuddles, play and lots of affection. And in return his lucky family will get all the affection back, tenfold.

To us dog lovers he sounds like the perfect dog in all ways, but in his country he is seen as 'garbage' to be thrown away, because as a working dog breed his temperament does not fit the work they would expect him to do. They can look in his eyes and ignore the kindness of soul that they reflect. And, for this reason he has ended up in the pound, having been abandoned to the streets where there was little food and shelter and he relied on the odd pat from a passing stranger as his only contact with humans.

The pound is a place where love, care and food are in short supply. The only happiness he feels is when his two legged friends from the local area are allowed in on a Saturday to take him for a walk. This is his piece of doggy heaven and a day when his tail wags and his bark is one of joy not sadness.

As a charity that helps thousands of animals every year in various ways, we just do not have the resources or foster homes to take all the dogs from death row. All we and our network of rescuers/carers can do is visit the dogs every day, feed them and make sure they are well whilst we try frantically to find each one a home. We get all dogs ready to travel in the hope that they will find homes in time.
He needs a special family to save him from this nightmare and to give him the love and life he so deserves. And he also needs a family to give his love and loyalty to .. as this is natural for him.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport

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