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Thursday, 8 August 2013

ADOPTED-LUCY approx 18 months old female terrier cross. Death Row

Lucy yet another poor soul ending up in the death camp. Probably abandoned by a so called loving owner, left to fend for her self on the streets of Croatia and now stuck in the pound until her execution.

Lucy as does any dog deserves a better life than this and we as a charity will offer help in what ever way we can.  This little girl can be sponsored and places into safe foster until a home is found for her, she is ready for adoption straight away.

Lucy is a loving girl and the only chance of freedom she gets is once a week on a weekend when the owner of the pound allows volunteers and their children to come in and walk the dogs, then it is back to being stuck in the kennels with very little human contact. Lucy is a lovely friendly girls who gets on well with adults, children and other dogs. she enjoys her walks and cuddles, now all she wants to do is enjoy life in a loving home. Please offer this girl the chance of a new life, either by giving her a loving home or sponsoring her and getting her out of the pound and into foster.

DEAT DATE 09.09.2013

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passpor

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