Monday, 18 February 2013


Titan 3.5 month Terrier Mix Male - Abandoned in the refuse, now looking for a forever home

This is Titan, a really lovely little fella. Though at first he may come across as a little shy,once he trusts you ( or you bribe him with treats) you will soon realise he is as happy and sweet a puppy you could ever meet....However this little girls life began in the most awful of ways, in many respects the most cruelest of ways.

Titan and his siblings were found by a rescuer from our network of volunteers, they had been cruelly abandoned in -37 temperatures next to a dumpster of refuse in an alley way where normally they would have been found either frozen to death or from starvation.

Thankfully someone must have been watching over them all that fateful day as there cries were heard rather than being ignored as they normally are when abandoned like rubbish in Romania.

So many people would have passed them by there, to leave them amongst the refuse they had been discarded alongside of. But the lady who did take notice of their cries was not the average person in Romania.

She was one of our network of rescuers who ( though maybe a little unorthodox but served its purpose) put them all in her shopping bag and carried them to safety, to her home nearby.

Here they all received food and water, warmed up and then afterwards taken to the veterinarian for an examination and to begin their vaccines etc.

As you can see from the photos, day by day with lots of love and care these tiny pups started to flourish and one by one began to become more confident causing mischief and enjoying life knowing now they at last were safe.

Each of them are now ready to start looking for their forever homes. They all deserve a much better life than what the vile human who abandoned them in that alley had planned for them.

Titan, once he gets to know you is a very happy playful puppy, he is perfectly fine with other dogs and also cats. Adores human company and is a very clever little lad.

He is Fully Vaccinated ( though going through hisr 21 day quarantine period at the moment as required by law)
Spayed (depending on how old she is when adopted)
Has a full EU Pet Passport

If you could offer this wonderful little pup a loving and caring forever home, please contact our charity as soon as possible

Carer: PD

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