Tuesday, 19 February 2013



ADOPTED SANDRA : IB SANDRA 11month old female large shepherd cross needing a forever home.

This is Sandra dumped on the streets simply because she stole their chicken !! probably because she was not being fed enough and was starving.

This is often the way in Romania, the dogs are then left to fend for themselves and it is harder for those who have been in a familyenvironment, the streets are a dangerous place for these dogs. Starvation,being beaten or ran over by traffic.

Sandra was taken to the Radauti shelter about a month ago by the dogcatchers and is already showings signs of being a loving gentle giant, the shelter really is no place for these dogs, but it is their only chance of getting a new home.

Sandra is a big girl so plenty of space is needed, a big back garden or yard, or a home near large open areas ideal for dog walking, A family with young children under the age of seven would not be recommended as she is a big dog and small children could be easily hurt or knocked over when large dogs are playing.

She will be fully vaccinated, chipped, spayed and passported ready to travel.


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