Wednesday, 13 February 2013



ADOPTED Bruno, 3 months old male puppy, small to medium size, looking for a family

Meet Bruno, a 2 month old puppy who survived the bitter cold of winter. Unfortunately, his brother was not so lucky, and Bruno would have shared a terrible fate if we hadn't taken him in. Bruno is now looking for a family to call his own. 

He is an energetic puppy, getting along with cats and dogs and he would be ideal for a family even with children. 

He is vaccinated, chipped, he has a passport, all he needs now is a real family. 


ADOPTED - EMILY : CD EMILY 3 month old shepherd cross female needing a forever home.

Emily abandoned in a box along with some other puppies. this is often the way in  Romania, unwanted pets are just dumped in the hope they will then become some one else's responsibility, they are basically left to die.

Luckily they were found and Emily is now in a private dog pension being cared for.

Emily is doing really well and is a happy healthy playful little pup, who gets on well with every one.

With being so young Emily will be easily trained and will adapt to a family life pretty quickly, though we recommend no children under 7.

Emily will be fully vaccinated and chipped but is still to young to be spayed.


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