Wednesday, 13 February 2013


ADOPTED Cherokee 6 yr old male collie type cross needing a forever home

This is Cherokee  brought into the shelter by the dog catchers. Abandoned by his owners who kept him chained in a yard.

His fir was matted, tangled and very dirty so he had to have a hair cut and a bath. Cherokee is a curious little boy that would love to find out what real love means, he is a timid boy but a curious boy, he just has never known affection so an experience dog handler would be better for him, some one with plenty of time a patience.

This is Cherokee after his hair cut, bless him !!!

He will be a handsome,beautiful boy once it all grows back

He is fully vaccinated, chipped, neutered and pass ported ready for that special home.


ADOPTED Eddie 3 yr old male collie type cross needing a forever home.

Eddie found with wire embedded around his stomach. fortunately Eddie was able to be treated and is doing very well now. After a life on the streets trying to fend for himself with wire embedded in him, he has turned out to be a remarkably friendly dog.

Eddie just adores human company, he loves to be around people and other dogs.

Eddie just needs his forever home, a home where he can return affection 10 fold. He is fully vaccinated, neutered, chipped and has a pass port.



ADOPTED Tristan 3 yr old male shepherd/timber dog mix needing a forever home

Tristan is a lovely friendly boy, loves every one and just loves to get affection.
He has been stuck in the shelter at Radauti for nearly a year now and is desperate for a new home.

The shelters are no place for these dogs, they just have not got the resources to give the dogs the attention they so desperately need, still a better life than on the streets though.

Tristan would have had to fend for himself on the streets, basically fight to survive and risk being beaten, tortured or even killed for money.

Tristan will be fully vaccinated, chipped, neutered and pass ported ready to travel to his new home.


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