Wednesday, 13 February 2013


ADOPTED Rexy 2 yr old male shepherd mix medium size needing a forever home

Rexy was rescued from bad owners, he has spent most of his life chained up in a yard, he was only there because he barked if any one approached the property.

Rexy did not really have a lot of comfort and only the chickens for company, which fortunately he got on well with, other wise who knows what would have happened to him.

Despite being and "outside" dog for most of his life, suprisingly he gets on well with humans and other dogs. Rexy loves to play and be fussed and is a loving  boy.

Rexy is vaccinated, dewormed and neutured, and just waiting for proper home, a home where he can be indoors in the comfort and warmth of a family.


Adopted! Miky 4 yr old male mixed breed small size needing a forever home

Miky's life began in a shelter, he is a docile  friendly little dog, though life would have been much different on the streets, where dogs are beaten, starving and even killed for money.

The shelter staff give as much attention as they possibly can, though their time and resources are limited.

 Miky enjoys the company of humans and gets along with other dogs, all he wants is that forever home, he has been in shelter long enough.

Miky will be fully vaccinated, de-wormed and neutured ready for his forever home.



Adopted Fighty 3-half yr old male shepherd cross, medium size needing a forever home.

Fighty was found in a pretty bad condition. He was hit by a car and on top of it he had CarrĂ©'s disease. 

Unfortunately nothing could be done to save his leg but with the right and Fighty's strength he fought the awful disease. Considering what Fighty has been through he just wants to give plenty of love and affection and all he asks for is the same in return.

He is in the shelter of Speranta pentru animale  although he has a bed,food and water they want more for him. Flighty may now only have three legs, but he is a loving playful chap and adores the company of people. He desperately wants that forever loving home.

Flighty is fully vaccinated, neutured and de-wormed and chipped.



ADOPTED Carlos, 2-half year old Male needing forever home.

                                                                                                                              Carlos is a two year old medium sized terrier cross. He was found wandering the streets with a bad eye injury. The streets of Romania are horrific for stray dogs. They are regulary beaten and abused, often until death occurs and they lives lives of misery, hunger and fear.
Thankfully Carlos was rescued. His eye had to be removed and he needed a lot of care and attention but now he is safe in a foster home. Unfortunately foster homes can only be short term and however good they are the dogs in their care need forever homes. Carlos desperately needs to now find a place he can call home until the end of his days.                                                                                                                  He is a calm dog and quiet, and as such would be suited suited to a calm and quiet environment. He loves the company of humans, loves playing (when he is in the mood) but also likes to just quietly sit and be petted. Carlos is not used to cats but is fine around around dogs.Carlos is fully vaccinated, dewwormed, micro chipped and neutered.
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