Wednesday, 13 February 2013



ADOPTED Oscar 19 months old male,collie cross came from a public shelter needing a forever home

Oscar is a 1 year old male and has spent time in a public shelter, where they are not handled or have much human contact, they really just get the basic, food and water and minimal attention ( if they are lucky).

In the beginning he was terrified of people, but is now improving greatly and beginning to gain the trust of humans. He is now allowing you to pet him and give little hugs.

Leash training is improving as at first he was terrified of the lead, though he is used to his collar now and as can be seen from photographs he is settling down and enjoying his toys.

Qscar gets on well with other dogs, both male and female and as can be seen from this photograph he is enjoying ball play with another dog, 

One can only imagine what happens in these public shelters, but what we do know is, it is not a very pleasant life for these dogs, where some of these dogs are concerned they really do stand a better chance on the streets, so that will tell you how bad these shelters can be.
All needs now is the love and affection of a forever home.

Oscar will be fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped, ready for his new home.


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