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ADOPTD LEVI : IB LEVI small size 2 year old male Terrier Mix needing a forever home

This is Levi, a very cute and friendly dog that was abandoned from an early age on the cruel streets of Succeva, Romania. 

He would have faced cruelty and abuse by the humans he came in contact with on a regular basis, yet incredibly he still loves attention from the rescue workers who have access to Radauti Public Dog Shelter where this poor little dog found himself after being trapped by the vile dog catchers.

Radauti shelter used to be one of the worst shelters for animal abuse and cruelty by the shelter workers but now after an amazing initiative allowing a local rescue group to enter 4 hours a day, 7 days a week though things are not as perfect as they would be in the UK.

In comparison to what it was like, the changes are having a positive impact one of which is allow the rescue group to take dogs out of the shelter and to care for them, with the final goal to find them loving homes for dogs just like Levi and his friend here.

This little guy has seen so many horrible things in his short life yet still he has hope in his heart that someone will love and fuss him rather than hit and abuse him. This cute little chap is living outside the Radauti shelter now and being fed and cared for by the volunteers that work there. This is a far better alternative for a shy dog like Levi than trying to survive with much larger dogs that are inside the kennels.


It is clearly obvious Little Levi once had a home by the way he interacts with humans, dogs and also cats. He is a little shy at first when meeting new people, and understandably so considering meeting new people in the past meant pain and cruelty for him. But once he gets to know you and knows you will not hurt him he is just a cuddly furbaby who wants as much fuss and cuddles as he can get.

The only thing we can be certain of in Levis past is he was once part of a family, but as happens all the time over there, once the puppy starts to grow up, the family gets bored and dumps the poor animal on the street knowing full well what it will be facing, that is if he/she is lucky enough to survive.

Keeping this in mind, though he is friendly and is such an adoptable dog, we would advise a family with older children, somewhere he can have the space he needs and the attention he craves for all at the same time. Somewhere, where his family will not expect him to be all over them the second he walks in the door, but where they will encourage his self confidence to grow and to show him that not humans want to hurt him. Somewhere they are experienced dog owners.

Please if you can give this poor little boy that perfect home, please do contact our charity as soon as possible.

Levi is:






has his very own EU Pet Passport.

If you can offer or are interested in offer this furbaby a home, please CLICK HERE to read our adoption procedure and fill out contact form.

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