Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Morfy, Damon


ADOPTED - Morfy aprox 2 yr old male shepherd cross needing a forever home

This Morfy taken to the Radauti public shelter by the dog catchers, not the best place to be, but the staff do their best with the limited time and resources.

They think he has had an owner as he is well behaved and walks perfect on a harness and loves to be around people.

Life on the streets would not have been the answer either, starvation, being beaten, tortured and even killed for money.
Morfy is a friendly loving boy and needs a loving home not a life at the shelter.

Morfy is fully vaccinated and chipped.

You can make a difference by saving one!



ADOPTED Damon = PH 2 yr old collie mix medium size male needing a forever home

 Damon, was found running round a village near Timisoara he had lost his left front paw. As you can imagine the poor thing was terrified, but they managed to catch him and has now unfortunately had to have his left front leg amputated.

Damon has recovered very well from his surgery and no longer the scared doggy found on the streets.

Damon is now a happy , healthy little chap and adores the company of other people and ready for that forever loving home.

Damon is fully vaccinated, neutured and will be chipped and de-wormed ready for his new home.


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