Saturday, 13 October 2012


ADOPTED - Teddy, 2 year old faithful and loving Male Shepherd Mix.

Teddy was until recently being looked after by residents in a neighbourhood in Romania. He was, if you like a communal dog.  On the streets he was at risk daily from dog catchers who would have taken him to a shelter. The type of shelters dogs go to in this way are horrendous places where dogs are not cared for or loved..and often not even fed. For the most part these dogs are just left to die

Teddy since being in foster has been found to be quite the ladies doggy ( he is very loyal and follows the human ladies around) he really adores attention but can be left to his own devices without worrying what he is up to. He does prefer the females in the house but has also been perfectly fine with the husband and son of the household. 

He is very tolerant of other dogs ( and cats)  both old and young around him, male or female. He truly is a gentle soul who just wants that special lady (and her family) to take him into their home and give home as much love, affection and loyalty as he will give them in return. 

When you get to know Teddy, you learn very quickly that there is something so very special about him, but you cant quite explain what it is...

He is about 40 cm tall and he is very athletic so will need regular exercise. He is very very friendly to people, including children and gets on with cats and other dogs. He shows no aggression and when set upon by some stray dogs in the area preferred to run away than to fight.

Teddy truly is one of life's gentle souls, and he deserves a chance of an amazing life which we hope someone out there can give to him.

Teddy is Fully vaccinated, de-wormed and micro chipped and neutered.

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