Saturday, 13 October 2012

, Jessie

ADOPTED - Jessie - 2 year old small Terrier mix, rescued from the worst kind of death, now looking for a forever home

This is Jessie. A beautiful Terrier mix who is in desperate need of a quiet and loving home. Public shelters in Romania are no place for man nor beast. Vile disgusting places, holding areas for the dog catchers to brutally butcher the dogs they imprison and get money for the weight of the bodies.

For any dog this is no place to end up, but for a shy and quiet little thing like Jess it is even more horrific. Female dogs just thrown into pens with larger and aggressive males, with no chance of escape from being attacked or worse. This is what little Jess faced on a daily basis, for every hour of every day until she was rescued.

Jess is such a friendly little thing, she loves to sit on your lap and be fussed. She is good with humans, dogs and children, even cats. But, and this is very important, as long as the dog/cats/children are not too in her face and are gentle with her.

If you want a quiet companion dog then Jess is the one for you, she just wants to be loved and cared for. She missed this desperately in her life. When Jess first came into our care she was a bag of bones and looked anything but healthy.

Now as you can see she is perfectly healthy and is enjoying her time in our sanctuary, but she needs her own loving home soon, where there are less dogs around and she can be the sole attention.
If you can offer such a home to Jess, please do get in contact as soon as possible.

This little girl needs her forever home, and we are determined to find this for her.

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