Saturday, 13 October 2012

ADOPTED Snoopy, Misha

ADOPTED Snoopy 3 month old terrier type male needing a forever home

 Meet Snoopy found in hole with his sister but no mother next to a busy road. Though people were feeding them they were in great danger of being run over. They also faced the danger of being beaten, tortured or even killed for money.

Snoopy is now in a shelter and is a feisty little character but loveable with it.
With Snoopy being so young he will be easily trained and settled into a new family.

He loves to play and be fussed and a very mischievious little boy.

Snoopy is fully vaccinated and chipped, he is too young to be neutered just yet.


ADOPTED - Misha 3 months old femaleshepherd type cross needing a forever home

Misha was abandoned in an industrial area of Bucharest, she is living in an institution yard in an enclosed area with her sisters.

They are being kept an eye on and fed and given water and being watched over, though is not ideal as they cannot be watched 24/7 and it is a worry they may escape onto the busy roads.

Misha is friendly and full of life and has been vaccinated and chipped, she desperately needs a forever home.


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