Saturday, 13 October 2012


ADOPTED Jasmine 3 yrs old female terrier cross needing a forever home

Jasmine is in a public shelter soon to be spayed and then returned to a life of starvation, torture, freezing cold winter, being beaten or even killed.

Jasmine is very friendly towards people and does enjoy the odd cuddle now and then, please save this little girl from a life on the streets.


ADOPTED Gena 5 year old female border terrier type needing a forever home

This is Gena a gentle girl who is nearly 100% blind, which is probably the reason her owners turffed her out and she ended on the streets with little or no chance of survival, The dog catchers took her to the shelter, a hell hole of a place as time and resources are limited, but the staff do the best they can, they are desperate to find this lovely girl a home.

Gina constantly looks for her owner but they never show up, she has suffered a broken leg which has now healed and she is walking fine.

Gina needs to be in a loving home, she gets on very well with humans and other dogs all she wants is love and affection and will give plenty in return.

Gena is fully vaccinated , dewormed ,chipped and spayed.
Please help her out of this shelter.


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