Friday, 19 October 2012

ADOPTED Nero, 10 month old male, large, working dog cross. needing forever home.

Nero really is a gentle giant..a big dog with a big heart !! He is another example of the problems that can arise with adoption fairs. People often get dogs on a whim. They have no real knowledge of the costs or practicalities of keeping a dog and they become like be used and then thrown away. He was adopted as a puppy and then at 9 months old the family contacted a shelter and rescue group to come and get him. The reason..he was too big and the children had got bored of him !!!
Nero just loves people. It doesn't matter whether young or old..if you are a human Nero wants to be fussed by you, petted by be close to you. He is very sad at the centre because the humans who work there haven't got the time to spend with him that he so desperately needs and wants. Nero needs a forever home where he can get all that love and be part of a family again.
Nero is de-wormed, fully vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped


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