Saturday, 13 October 2012

Henry, Yoda

ADOPTED Henry 1 yr old male lab/collie cross needing a forever home

This little guy is due to be put back on the streets, the public shelter can no longer keep him. He will have to fight to survive and risk being beaten, tortured or even killed for money. He is a lovely friendly little dog that just needs a forever home with love and affection.

Henry is fully vaccinated and neutered.


ADOPTED Yoda approx 1 yr old wolf hound type cross female needing a forever home

Yoda was adopted from a Romanian shelter, then returned to the shelter because she became ill and the owner did not want to look after her any more.

The shelter is not a place for healthy animals, let alone poorly ones, they just have not got the time and resources that the shelters over here have.

One of the workers at the shelter took Yoda home with her to care for her, but she cannot keep her for too long and really does not want Yoda going back to the shelter.

Yoda is back to full health now and has been vaccinated and spayed.

She adores human company and gets on well with the workers children and other pets and also cats.

She is a very loving gentle dog and just needs that for ever home.


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